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Week 7: Internet Security

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The seventh post!

Question: How safe is the Internet?
Answer: Not very, if you aren't well-equipped.

The vastness of the internet means that it is hard to control what is going on within it. This results in the proliferation of viruses, malware and other scary threats that will leave one helpless and crying over the great losses that we have to bear if we are unlucky enough to be attacked.

Where specifically do we encounter these threats? It is as simple as opening an email attachment, downloading files online or even visiting an unassuming website.

The consequences we suffer are no laughing matter.
The smaller price to pay include:

  • slowing down of computer
  • programs not working properly
  • corruption of files
  • problems when booting computer

The bigger losses include:

  • losing all your data through the wiping out of hard drive
  • computer completely unable to function
  • stolen confidential information that would be misused (steal money from bank accounts)
  • tracking of your computer activities that leads to stolen information
  • spreading of the virus to other computers


Not funny at all!
Another thing is, these threats are not limited to your computers. With the advancement of technology and the proliferation of smartphones, smartphones have become a target for attack too. As many people's lives revolve around their smartphones, it is not a pretty sight to see that your phone become nonfunctional or have everything get deleted.

Since the internet is filled with dangers, how can we protect ourselves?
Why of course!
Here are some choice tips regarding internet security that one should probably take note of if he wants a safe and enjoyable experience online.
  1. The most important thing to do is to set up an anti-virus program. This basic step does wonders. It provides protection for various internet threats, such as viruses, Trojans, hackers and spywares. It scans for viruses through various channels such as downloaded files, preventing attacks from happening. One thing to note is that you have to update the program regularly in order to ensure it's effectiveness. 
  2. Update your computer. By updating your computer security, patches are installed so that your operating systems know what threats to look out for. 
  3. Set up your firewall. A firewall not only blocks potentially harmful programs from entering your computer, it also alerts you of any suspicious activity.
  4. Use a pop-up blocker. Pop-ups that sometimes appear on websites could be malicious, so it is better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Set your privacy settings. Some websites might use your personal information, therefore it is important to adjust your settings so that these sites cannot gain access to your data.
  6. Turn on User Account Control (UAC). This helps when changes are being made in your computer. The user is alerted to the attempt to change and has to key in the user-administered password in order for the change to be approved. This helps prevent the attempts of viruses to effect a change on your computer.
  7. Back up your computer. In the case that your computer actually gets attacked, you can at least be assured that your important data is safe and recoverable.
  8. Be wary of email attachments. Do not open any email attachments you are not expecting or unsure about. Also ensure that your configuration settings
  9. Be wary of email scams. Phishing is common, therefore you should be careful not to click on suspicious-looking links that you receive.
  10. Be careful of what you download on the internet, as you might unintentionally download an internet threat into your computer.
  11. Try not to access unsecured websites as you'll be more vulnerable to attacks.

While internet threats might be harmful, we are lucky to have internet security to set our minds at ease. However, we cannot stay passive and must remain vigilant to these threats so that we do not fall prey to them.
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