Monday, 25 November 2013

Week 12: Summary & Reflection

Posted by Beryl at 04:42
The last post!!

It's been a really long ride. I'm heaving a huge sigh of relief as the term comes to an end. Now I am sitting at my table and musing about my experiences with COM125.

*Dazing, musing*
For one, classes were very informative and interesting, with many statistics and videos for us to appreciate. Thank you for your hard work sir!

I have learnt plenty throughout the whole blogging experience.
Belatedly, I realised that many things are linked to the concept of Web 2.0, such as social media, social networking, journalism, politics etc.
As I write my blog posts, the concept of Web 2.0 came to me naturally as I attempted to link the topic of the week with the internet. That was a pretty big revelation!
I learnt more about the internet, such as the email, and I picked up useful tips through my blog posts on e-commerce and internet security. After learning more about social media, social networking and internet security, I remain firm in my stance of having no social media accounts. I can connect with my friends through texting and Whatsapp, thank you very much! I enjoy my privacy and I would like to appreciate my surroundings and the people around me rather than my phone. The blog post on citizen journalism reinforced my thinking of taking everything with a pinch of salt. The multimedia and augmented reality blog post made me appreciate my love for Japan even more (haha). Some posts, such as the E-Learning one, required me to analyse the pros and cons of the topic, which I think will prove useful in the future. Every blog post has some information that enriches my mind and has something that I can relate to.

Blogging itself was an interesting experience.
You cannot imagine the amount of sweat and tears shed (not literally but close enough) to create each blog post. From searching for the perfect gifs to the exact charts, everything had to be to my liking, simply because my blog post would be incomplete and boring without them. I have literally taken hours/days to complete one blog post, very tiring indeed! My favourite part is looking for gifs and memes to spice up my blog posts. Searching for them was very entertaining! Doing research about the topic of the week was the toughest part, because I had to organize the large amount of information that I had gathered.

The most fun part of my blogging experience is definitely customizing my blog. I truly enjoyed every moment in the process - finding a satisfactory blog skin, adding a music player so that viewers are 'forced' to be exposed to my favourite Japanese songs, including other extensions like my chocopets (childhood memories!) and adding links to all of my friends' blogs. I also liked visiting my friends' blogs to learn more about their perspectives of the internet and to appreciate their work on their blogs. My appreciation has gone up for bloggers who can do this on a regular basis.

For the presentation and report, we did plenty of research!
Our topic was 'The Rise of YouTubers'. I found lots of interesting information, such as the statistics about YouTube (e.g. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world), which I wouldn't have known without doing my research! Prepping for the presentation was tough due to the research we had to do, but I really enjoyed making the slides. I liked choosing the design of the slides, searching for pictures and gifs to brighten our presentations, as well as looking for relevant videos to put up. We also had to be selective about our information so the slides wouldn't get boring.Teamwork naturally was part of the process. Everyone did their parts, so I was really happy with that (: 

For the actual presentation itself, I was really nervous, no kidding. It has always been that way. I always need to practice a whole lot before an actual presentation in order to remotely be decent enough to speak in front of an audience. Thankfully my group mates were there to encourage and reassure me so I did relatively fine in the end ^^ Reflecting on the presentation, I felt that we could improve. We could perhaps make it more concise and take a lesser time to present, but overall I was satisfied. Report writing on the other hand was an arduous process of constant researching, editing and formatting. I am so glad we're done with it!

What we've learnt is all relevant as technology and the internet is all around us. Even after COM125 ends, I will definitely be reminded of it and its content every time I use the internet. It's been an informative semester, and I've learnt a lot. I will never look at the internet the same way again. And with that, I end off my post! I'm off to go study for my exams T__T
Signing off!
Bye bye!
P.S. Thank you Mr Choy for everything, including the information about the Asus laptop (:
P.P.S Would it be okay if I ask more questions regarding computers? Haha.


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